The concept for this design centres around what shapes a feeling of national identity within Scotland. Landscape is symbolic within the nation and establishes a sense of belonging across a wide demographic. Aesthetically stunning which supports tourism, recreation, health and well-being, Scotland’s natural landscape also forms an integral role in industries such as renewable energy, sustainable fisheries and quality food and drink produce. Landscape provides people with a sense of permanence and continuity. Its diversity defines a sense of place. The cover design is a simple mountain panorama, reflected in the loch below. It is representative of the permanence of nature and includes water, land and sky.

Taking inspiration from road trips throughout Scotland, such as the North Coast 500 and the North East 250, each page represents a particular place which can be found on each journey. 


The images are constructed using lines which have a topographical feel. Security measures such as the Guilloche pattern are important in certain modern day documents which are at risk of forgery. Incorporating these measures in an aesthetically pleasing way, the identification and visa pages change colour when exposed to UV light.

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